Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The "Prodigal Blogger" returns!

I find it really hard to believe that it's been five months since I've been here with you?!  The details aren't necessary but a lot has happened in my little corner of the world that needed my full attention and energy... the good news is that with the onset of Autumn, it feels like a little bit of "normal" is returning daily!!

In this last month, I did manage to find some inspiration in the form of an AFA Swap being held by one of my favorite hostesses... as soon as I received her invitation, I couldn't resist signing up! "Funky Fridge Magnets" seemed just up my artistic alley and I was longing to indulge myself with some much needed artwork. However; as time went on, I wasn't sure that I would be able to muster up the spark of creativity needed to follow through with my commitment. Just when I was resigned to withdraw from the swap, something clicked, finally I was off & running... in the end, I managed to meet the deadline!  

I chose to create my magnets from porcelain clay. After the bisque firing, I was in a bit of a time crunch so instead of needing another firing to glaze them, I decided to finish them with acrylic paints & a protective clear topcoat.  

Below are photos of my magnets, both when bisque fired and completed. 

Completed "Funky Fridge Magnets"

Well, it's wonderful to be back!
I hope you'll once again pop back on occasionally to see what's new...
Until then... Happy ARTing!!


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Caboodle of Janoodles makes a Funky Chunky!!

Just a quickie Show & Tell for today... a few months ago I shared a Chunky Book project that I had created and gifted to a fellow artist and friend, this post is a continuance of that project. 

I think my favorite part of a Chunky Book is being able to add pages, by using metal rings that can be opened and closed at any time, it's the perfect binding method for an "add-a-page" style book.

I decided that I would create additional pages for my friend's Chunky when and if my muse sees fit to inspire me... lucky for me, she has always been a fan and supporter of my Janoodle style artwork, so I'm hoping that the new pages will be a pleasant surprise when they arrive and become a welcomed addition to her collection!

Below: My latest Chunky Janoodles , created using Jacquard Dyes & Ink

Spring Bloomer - stem tucks away behind chunky

Don't Burst My Bubble!

Shake Your Tail Feathers - tail tucks away behind chunky

Create Art, Inspire! - title is part of my Janoodle design 

Thanks for popping in, until next time...
Happy ARTing!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Weirdy or the NEW Normal?!

A couple of times each year, my mail art group "Envie Addicts Unite" on atcsforall.com, foregoes sending our monthly envies to our partners and in it's place we send out what we affectionately call "Weirdy Mail". The main challenge here is to send something "unusual" through the mail that we have "Arted Up" as well as being what we call "naked"... NOT in a box or envelope, just as it is, totally naked! (I have shared previously on this blog some of my past efforts!)

I know this is an odd thing to confess but I love to save packing materials... one just never knows when they can be reused or if they will come in handy for creating future projects! For my latest Weirdy, I went to my stash and came up with a cardboard form that had been a packing insert for a Crockpot that I had purchased last year. I hung onto this piece because I loved the texture and details pressed into the form... I just had to use it for something and finally, here was my chance!  

Almost immediately, I knew just what I wanted to create... I saw a "mask" in the form that needed to come out! Voila... a Weirdy Mask!

Closeup of cardboard "Crockpot" packaging - smooth side

Textured side - used to create the "Mask" face

"Sun Mask" Aztec Inspired Design - acrylic paint & clear spray

Backside - addresses & blank spots for postal labels

Hope that you have been inspired to create a "Weirdy Surprise"
for someone that you know or even wish to know, just for fun!! 

Thank you for stopping by...
Until next time, Happy ARTing!!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Nature and ART just go hand in hand!!

Just a quickie Show & Tell for today... 

Every rock hound in the world will gladly tell you about the natural beauty that is all around us... granite, shale, quartz, marble, soapstone... the list goes on & on... rocks come in many different colors, shapes and sizes... no two rocks are exactly alike... this makes collecting them a fun and popular endeavor!

As an artist, it's the shape that attracts me... a perfect and unique little 3-D canvas that lends itself to creative inspiration! Recently, one of my favorite swap hostesses at AFA came up with a Painted Rock Swap... of course, I couldn't resist joining in on the fun and I signed up! In my excitement, I had forgotten that all of my rock stashes were still covered in snow... after a few frustrated weeks, I managed to fight the elements and I finally found some rocks that were just what I needed!

Let the ARTing begin... 

Each rock measures about 2 1/2 to 3 inches & the designs were created with acrylic paint, then sealed with a glossy clear acrylic spray.  

(since the object of this swap was to create rocks for use in gardens 
and flower pots, I left the back side natural, as it will sit in dirt)

I'm happy that you popped in...
Until next time, Blessings to One & All!!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

With your Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it...

 "Bunny" Tag - from my archives 


 EASTER's on it's way!

Blessings for a 
Joyous Celebration 
of Resurrection!

He is Risen!!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Magical Baja Whale Adventure

 ...  they should say "Big things come in even Bigger packages!!"

I have just returned from my annual trip south of the border... this year my friend, Clova and I ventured out of our "senior comfort zone" and traveled about 600 miles further south into Baja California, Mexico to the picturesque village of San Ignacio in hopes of petting a Baby Whale... yes, you heard correctly! Every fall, Gray Whales leave the icy waters of Alaska and travel thousands of miles south to give birth to their babies in the much warmer lagoons along the Baja Coast. Here they stay until spring, giving time for their babies to get strong enough for the long journey back to Alaska. 

Sounds easy enough? Well, for two little aged chubbettes it was a bit more challenging and adventurous... Up at 5:30 am, a light breakfast (too excited to eat but needed something before taking my Dramamine)... traveled another 2hrs. on a very rugged sandy & potholed back road through the desert to reach the Eco-camp at San Ignacio Lagoon...hiked down the rocks to the waters edge to board our boat... (panic sets in, how in the heck am I going to get into that boat!?!)... just when I was sure that I had no hope, I was literally swept off my feet by some wonderfully strong and determined young men... they lifted and tossed me on board as if I were as light as a feather... my heroes (it's been a while since this old gal had such attention)!! Off we go, our captain opened her up and we quickly sped through the water to an area that he said should make our "whale dreams" come true... in the distance we could see some whales frolicking and the numbers just kept increasing the closer we got, this sight was so much more awesome than any other whale watching that I've seen in the past (even in Alaska)... suddenly, the engine was cut and the Captain yells out, "splash the water, splash the water" ... the fun begins, Our First Contact... 
Looking for me? I am taking the video, only my hand can be seen 😎  

This is but a small sampling of our truly amazing and awesome experience. I wholeheartedly recommend this adventure to everyone... it is definitely "Bucket List" worthy!!  

As an artist, I couldn't help but take some time out and soak in a little local color! Below, are some creative discoveries that I came across along the way...

Baja Desert - Saguaro Cactus
 Baja Desert - locals say that they haven't seen it this green in nearly 20 years
 Fresh Catch - Grilled Lobster - yummm, so sweet & rich
Metal "Giraffe" Garden Sculpture in San Ignacio
"Zebra & Cart" in a San Ignacio courtyard
Metal Art at Catavina Hotel
Cactus Garden Art at Catavina Hotel
Restaurant Mural at La Fonda
San Ignacio Mission entrance - built in 17th Century
Roadside Shrine in Valle De Guadalupe
Sand Sculpture at Mama Espinoza's

Hope you enjoyed the little recap of my Baja Adventure...
Until, next time... Blessings to all!!

Monday, February 13, 2017

No More Unfinished Business!?!

Sometime ago,  I started to create a my first ever "Chunky Book"... I managed to make a few pages but eventually I ended up putting it on a shelf and pretty much forgetting about it, until now... I really do hate to leave anything unfinished, makes me feel like I've lost the battle between good & evil, for Supreme Creativity... so, I decided to jump back in and finish it once and for all, just like any super-powered Janoodle Warrior must do in these most uncertain of times!! 

Below are photos of my recently completed Janoodle Chucky... as usual, I do believe the pics do not do the work justice... (wishful thinking?? hope I'm not kidding myself!) Someday I will learn how to take a decent photo, but until then... oh well!! I was going to retake a few of them before I did the final post but I eventually remembered (whoops, another Senior moment) that it went postal today, it's on it's way to an unsuspecting soul at this very moment!!

Janoodle Chunky Book - front cover

Solar Explosion - page 1
Windy Wendy - page 2
 Nature Unfolds - 2 views of page 3

Snail's Pace - page 4

Magic Genie - page 5

Southern Belle - page 6

One That Got Away - page 7

Left Behind - page 8
Back Cover of Janoodle Chunky
My favorite thing about chunky books is that you can add pages anytime... the rings that hold it together can open & close at will... it does make a great gift because you can create & send additional pages to the recipient for any occasion... it's a gift that keeps on giving!!

Well, thanks for stopping by to take a peek...
Until next time, Blessings to One & All !!