Thursday, December 20, 2018

Texturize your way to fun!

I just couldn't believe that I would let this holiday season go completely unrepresented on my blog, so here goes with a little Show and Tell to fill the bill!

I recently started experimenting with adding a bit of texture to my porcelain designs. I have in the past, carved into the clay with tools to make a variety of patterns but without getting my desired results. Having made my own carved rubber stamps for printmaking & mixed media projects, I decided to make some textured stamps out of polymer clay to use on my clay works.

Below are my clay stamps... each has a different design on each of it's ends.

I chose to test my new technique on two different surfaces. I made ornaments in the shape of a cross for a flat surface and small slab bowls for a curved surface.  

Below are photos of some textured bisque ware cross ornaments & slab bowls.

Below are photos of some of the glazed finished pieces... I chose translucent Celadon Glaze for it's ability to enhance the texture, especially on porcelain!

 Textured Porcelain Ornaments
(sizes vary, 3 - 6 inches)

Textured Small Slab Bowls 
(approx. 1 1/2" deep X 3 1/2" diameter)

Thanks for stopping by...

I hope that you have been inspired to try something new, no matter 
what your favorite medium may be, it's always fun to experiment!

Until next time... Blessings to One & All!

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