Thursday, July 30, 2015

Forget those apples... a bit of Art & a Chuckle a day keeps the doctor away!!

Just a quicky Show & Tell for you today... I was going through some of my art supplies on a quest for a specific item that I could not find, after quite some time I became frustrated and gave up the hunt. Unfortunately, I ended up with a bigger mess than I started with! While trying to find places to return items to, I came across a colorful stack of tissue paper that I have been saving from past projects. Needless to say, the tissue paper was taken to my work table! I just simply love tissue paper, the colors are so vibrant and even when they get wet the colors remain in tact without fading or bleeding! They are the perfect medium for adding color to collages or creating backgrounds for other projects.  When the different colors are layered on top of another color, the variations are endless. Depending on the project, tissue can create added texture where desired by creasing & overlapping as you apply the glue.

Below are postcards that I created tissue paper backgrounds for. I chose not to have too much texture so that I could do detail work to finish; otherwise, my fine tipped rapidograph pen would snag on the paper folds preventing the clean lines that I prefer! The cards are very bright & vibrant in person as well as finished with a semi-gloss surface.
Postcards - tissue paper, hand carved stamps & ink - approx. 6"x 9"
So, if you're looking for a quick & easy project on a lazy summer day...
Take it from me, "nothing says fun like tissue paper & glue!!"

I have a little extra for your viewing pleasure... I took a ride outside of town the other day, much to my surprise I came upon a sight that at first glance had me slamming on the breaks for an urgent stop. In my defense, at second glance I did realize that I had fallen for a cleaver prank! (The sun was also in my eyes, really!)  Below is a photo of my sighting, keep in mind that with a telephoto lens it doesn't look as lifelike as it did as I came around the bend in the distance!

Hope you had a chuckle or two, (even at my expense!)
Until next time, Blessings to you all!!

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  1. LOL! Too funny!

    Sometimes I think our Muses hide stuff from us...just so that we will discover another project. :)