Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Does size really matter?

I just have a quick Show & Tell for you today... I've recently had the opportunity to work in a much larger format than I've become accustomed to when creating ATCs. I successfully ventured out to try my hand at Janoodling on 4"X6" postcards and now I have decided to raise the bar even higher by advancing to an 11"X14" sheet of paper!

Below is a photo to show the size comparison of an ATC Janoodle (top rt.) to a Postcard Super-Size Janoodle (bottom rt.) to my new Mega-Size Janoodle! (left) 
3 sizes of Janoodles

Below is a solo view of my latest work, Mega-Size Janoodle... I enjoyed working in this larger format, it presented a challenge to step out of my comfort zone!

"Wild Garden"  Janoodle Style
Detail view of a small area (bottom right corner) 

Soooo Glad you stopped by... Until next time, Ciao!!


  1. Love the bigger Janoodles! The postcard you sent me is on display atop the desk in the livingroom. Lots of folks comment favorably on it.
    Your newest Janoodle is beautiful!

  2. I like working on bigger paper...but now it's really difficult for me to do anything on an ATC. Great works above!