Saturday, June 27, 2015

Welcome to the neighborhood!

One of my favorite things about life in my neck of the woods is living side by side with a variety of critters.  For many years I lived out of town on a small lake, this was an ideal place to observe wildlife as they came down from the treeline in search of water. I never tired of them or lost my enthusiasm to see them as they strolled through my property on their way to the water's edge. Late spring and early summer was a particularly exciting time because of all the critter babies being born. They soon became frequent visitors with their mothers and as the months passed by, there was the added fun of watching how much they grew! Moving into town was very bittersweet for me. For many reasons it was time for the change, but my daily visits from my four-legged neighbors felt like quite a loss. Well, a few years have passed and living in town now feels like home. Much to my surprise and of great joy, I still have four-legged neighbors that come to visit regularly. We have a herd of deer that we affectionately call Townies. I must admit not everyone enjoys having them around, they are a constant source of debate at City Council meetings and no one seems to agree on what can be done to make either side happy!! I suppose if my prize winning roses were being eaten off their stems or my vegetable garden was raided in the night, I too would consider them unwanted pests! I have chosen to just enjoy them and leave the griping to others!!

Speaking of visitors, today Blossom and I were lucky enough to have a new mother and baby resting in the shade of our side yard, they found a refuge from the scorching sun and it's 104 degree temperatures! Below are a few photos that I snapped... Mama never took her eyes off of me or Blossom,  just in case we meant any harm to her little one! 

Nothing compares to Mother's Love!!

Awwwww, all babies are just plain cute!!

Chow Time!

 Until next time, Blessings to you all!

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  1. Wow! Great pics! I am crazy over stuff like this too. The debate you speak of....Ha! Cracks me up. My parents feed the rabbits, squirrels and birds in their yard. (It's our entertainment!) ...but I don't think the neighbors like the idea....they all have gardens.