Sunday, April 30, 2017

Caboodle of Janoodles makes a Funky Chunky!!

Just a quickie Show & Tell for today... a few months ago I shared a Chunky Book project that I had created and gifted to a fellow artist and friend, this post is a continuance of that project. 

I think my favorite part of a Chunky Book is being able to add pages, by using metal rings that can be opened and closed at any time, it's the perfect binding method for an "add-a-page" style book.

I decided that I would create additional pages for my friend's Chunky when and if my muse sees fit to inspire me... lucky for me, she has always been a fan and supporter of my Janoodle style artwork, so I'm hoping that the new pages will be a pleasant surprise when they arrive and become a welcomed addition to her collection!

Below: My latest Chunky Janoodles , created using Jacquard Dyes & Ink

Spring Bloomer - stem tucks away behind chunky

Don't Burst My Bubble!

Shake Your Tail Feathers - tail tucks away behind chunky

Create Art, Inspire! - title is part of my Janoodle design 

Thanks for popping in, until next time...
Happy ARTing!!


  1. Ah-mazeballs! I love all of the little additions and cut outs!