Monday, February 13, 2017

No More Unfinished Business!?!

Sometime ago,  I started to create a my first ever "Chunky Book"... I managed to make a few pages but eventually I ended up putting it on a shelf and pretty much forgetting about it, until now... I really do hate to leave anything unfinished, makes me feel like I've lost the battle between good & evil, for Supreme Creativity... so, I decided to jump back in and finish it once and for all, just like any super-powered Janoodle Warrior must do in these most uncertain of times!! 

Below are photos of my recently completed Janoodle Chucky... as usual, I do believe the pics do not do the work justice... (wishful thinking?? hope I'm not kidding myself!) Someday I will learn how to take a decent photo, but until then... oh well!! I was going to retake a few of them before I did the final post but I eventually remembered (whoops, another Senior moment) that it went postal today, it's on it's way to an unsuspecting soul at this very moment!!

Janoodle Chunky Book - front cover

Solar Explosion - page 1
Windy Wendy - page 2
 Nature Unfolds - 2 views of page 3

Snail's Pace - page 4

Magic Genie - page 5

Southern Belle - page 6

One That Got Away - page 7

Left Behind - page 8
Back Cover of Janoodle Chunky
My favorite thing about chunky books is that you can add pages anytime... the rings that hold it together can open & close at will... it does make a great gift because you can create & send additional pages to the recipient for any occasion... it's a gift that keeps on giving!!

Well, thanks for stopping by to take a peek...
Until next time, Blessings to One & All !!


  1. Oooh, I'm a sucker for a handmade at book! Especially one that is completed! LOL! I have so many art books left undone myself. Ugh!
    Your's turned out spectacularly! :)

  2. Janina, this is another one of your artistic wonders. You are such a creative force & I love to see your creations. Super cool book!

  3. I only just saw your post and your chunky book is a real beauty! Awesome how most of your pages have some moveable parts, or ribbons or other attachments on them to create added interest. A beautiful project, well done you!