Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas Greetings straight from your heART!!

Making a list, checking it twice... for whatever the reasons, my Christmas Card list seems to be getting smaller & smaller each year... that realization does sadden me a bit... as long as my list still exists, no matter how many names are left, I will continue to be inspired to make my cards... Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't!! 

Today's Show and Tell puts a "little twist" on a simple looking traditional card in the shape of a Christmas Tree... it fits into an ordinary business sized envelope... when opened, it becomes a free standing 3-sided Christmas Tree. Besides it's simplicity, each panel gives you ample room to showcase your talents and personalize in any way you choose... each one as unique as it's creator!!

My examples were created on 140lb. watercolor paper... of course, I'm sure you recognize my trademark "Janoodles" using Jacquard Dyes and Ink. I started out with 2 tree shapes that I decorated on only 1 side... Below, I have created a simple diagram that I hope can be easily followed...  (I'll explain the unfinished side more as we proceed)

Basic Tree Shape - make 2 for each card

*  Photos below represent each step

* Tree shapes glued together per instructions above

                            1                                   2                                 3

View 1 -  After gluing together, the 3rd side will give you a blank canvas  
to personalize your cards in any way you choose...
        Views 2 & 3 - I decided to Janoodle a similar design with a simple holiday greeting

Here is an example of a tree card created using a Gelli Plate and acrylic paint... no matter what your favorite medium may be, the variations you can achieve with this simple design will be endless... as always, the main objective is to have FUN!!

Thank you for stopping by!
Until next time...
Happy Holiday ARTing!! 


  1. OOooh! So's great that it can probably double as an ornament too! Fantastic work luv!

  2. I love this idea! The tree cards are beautiful and yes, they could definitely be used as ornaments. I'm just going to have to try this next year.