Sunday, July 24, 2016

One brushstroke at a time!

Good news everyone... I am not going to "beat the dead horse" with any more excuses of an absentee muse in my world... It's time to move on!!  

 Below you will find a few recent projects... just for fun!!

First of all... 
 Happy Summertime to All...  
Hope you are enjoying fun filled adventures that are sure to make many wonderful memories?!

"Starry Nite" Janoodle Envie - Shimmer background doesn't show up

 Janoodle "Puzzle" -  created for an AFA Swap   
"Living Canvas" - clumsy me, I dropped a bottle of dye

As usual, thanks for stopping by...
Blessings to you all!!


  1. I see part of the envelope you sent me!! Love it!! And the best days are when you look down at the grocery store or post office and notice your hands are covered in lots of different colors!! :)

  2. Colorful hands and paint that gets under the finger nails...yeah....been there too...:)

    Love your latest m'dear...I especially like your works contrasting on the black Envie....gorgeous!