Sunday, July 31, 2016

When in doubt, reach for your favorites!!

What do you do on a hot summers day? I, for one, do not do well in the heat (triple digits all week) so an indoors activity (aka: ART ) is my first choice!! When in doubt, I pull out the "old tried & true"... Jacquard Dyes are my "go to" medium of choice... I love the vibrant colors, the way they flow & saturate the paper leaving behind a welcoming surface for my favorite pen... I never tire of working with them!    

I really enjoy making postcards, the size seems just right... not too small & not too big... the plus being, when you're finished you can slap a postage stamp on it and share a bit of yourself along the way by sending a little greeting to someone that you've been thinking of! 

Pictured below are some postie "blanks" waiting to be Janoodled... 

Pictured below are the finished postcards awaiting their postal journeys... I originally planned to write different versus on each, but for some reason I felt what I had to say could just bear repeating... 

My "ART" is not what I do, it's who I am!

 I'm very glad you stopped by to see what's new... 
Until next time,  Happy ARTing!!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

One brushstroke at a time!

Good news everyone... I am not going to "beat the dead horse" with any more excuses of an absentee muse in my world... It's time to move on!!  

 Below you will find a few recent projects... just for fun!!

First of all... 
 Happy Summertime to All...  
Hope you are enjoying fun filled adventures that are sure to make many wonderful memories?!

"Starry Nite" Janoodle Envie - Shimmer background doesn't show up

 Janoodle "Puzzle" -  created for an AFA Swap   
"Living Canvas" - clumsy me, I dropped a bottle of dye

As usual, thanks for stopping by...
Blessings to you all!!