Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Oh where, oh where can my little "muse" be... ?

If I were an author I'd be describing my recent frustration as "writer's block"... but instead, as an artist with an "awol" muse, I seem to be experiencing what I'll simply refer to as "artblock"! To be honest, I can't remember a time when I have ever been so "uncreative" since giving up the old "9 to 5" many years ago! It seems that lately every time I attempt to escape into my work space for an art inspired endeavor, my attention and energy gets diverted elsewhere and it's beginning to take it's toll on my normally sweet & amiable attitude!! I pray for the sake of all those around me, that these distractions are short lived and all things in my art-universe return  to normal sooner than later!! Until then, I choose to just believe that, this too will soon pass!!

I did become intrigued with a swap on AFA that one of my favorite hosts organized, "Junker Jane" style dolls... it seemed like fun and I couldn't resist giving it a try even though it would entail "sewing" which is definitely not one of my strong points! If you are not familiar with "Junker Jane", there are many examples to see on the internet. These unique dolls are what might be called "creepy & cute" all at the same time! I soon discovered that my attempts at creating dollies in this style were falling way short of the quality & vision that I had hoped to achieve... after more failures than I care to count, I only managed to create 2 dollies that I would dare make claim to and in all good conscience I knew that they are not what my fellow artists deserved to receive in return... so I did what I very rarely do, I withdrew from the swap! 

Well, you can't hit a home run every time at bat, but if you don't step up to the plate, you'll never know!! 

Below are pics of my two surviving dollies... (not sure where they will end up but for better or for worse they deserve to at least be seen!!)

 Thanks for stopping by, until next time...
Blessings to you all & HAPPY ARTING!!



  1. Hmmm, I think they look just like the real dealio! Are you sure you need to wihdraw?

    I hate art block too...I'm currently in one now too :(
    Hope yours passes soon. <3

  2. You are much too hard on yourself! Your Junkie Janes are great! I especially like the one in the plaid. It takes guts to wear that much plaid. lol