Wednesday, May 11, 2016

F is for Feather or Fish... definitely, for FUN!!

Just a little quickie Show & Tell for today... My favorite "take home" inspiration from SeARTle was a template for creating a "feather"... several of us did join an impromptu 6:6 feather swap while there, it was a fun challenge having the pressure to create on the spot and in the end it was a great beginning for a continuing collection! (My feathers were included in the pics on the last post)

Upon my return home, I promptly got to work creating feathers to fulfill some promised trades. Below is a pic of some feathers that I have come up with so far, there is definitely more on the horizon... hopefully I can convince some other artists to trade with me... I've become obsessed, I want more!!

Janoodle Style Feathers

One of the projects that I created to take along in hopes of trading were my "Funky Fingerlings"... I fashioned them after a PIF Swap on AFA called "Funky Fish"... the difference being the size, my fingerlings are much smaller at only about five inches in length. They were well received but no one else had the template ahead of time... I was thrilled to extend "fish credit" and await my fish when their muse inspires them!

Below are a few fingerlings that I'm sending out to honor additional trades!

"Funky Fingerlings"

Thanks for dropping in to take a peek...
Until next time... Keep on ARTing!!


  1. Ooh! I love those! Is there a template at AFA that I can print out? If not, can I bug you for some templates? Purdy puhleeze :)

  2. Janina, ho it's Artkeyologist. Love love love the fingerlings and the feathers! Please do a swap!!!!!

  3. Your feathers are gorgeous! And those little fingerling fishes are the bomb! If you do a swap at AFA, I would love to join in!