Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Jump on the "Zine" wagon straight to Funsville!

I may have come late to the party but several months ago I came across something of interest that apparently was not a new idea at all... where had I been? This was just up my alley, it's hard to believe that I hadn't gotten in on the ground floor of the "ZINE" phenomenon... for those of you who are even farther behind than I am, here's what some main stream resources have to say...

  • A zine (zeen; an abbreviation of fanzine or magazine) is most commonly a small circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts images reproduced via photocopier.
Even Merriam Webster Dictionary came on board: Zine
  • a small magazine that is written by people who are not professional writers and that usually has stories about a particular subject
  • a non-commercial often homemade or online publication usually devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter

  The Urban Dictionary chimed in with...
  •   "Zine" is short for fanzine. For all intensive purposes, a zine is a cheaply-made, cheaply-priced publication, often in black and white, which is mass-produced via photocopier.
  • Most zines revolve around a music scene of some sort, but others are dedicated to artwork, poetry, cartoons, editorials and short stories.

So, I guess it's official... Zines are simply a creative, self expressive and fun way to share just about anything of interest to anyone who'll take the time to read it!!

For the past few months I have been working on my first Zine... every time I got started, I allowed myself to get side tracked... not sure why, but I just couldn't get it done! Recently, my interest was rekindled by a fellow artist at AFA who completed her first zine and has made it available for trading. So, I jumped in and persevered until I had once and for all finished my own zine in hopes of trading with her! 

Janoodle Art-Zine
Below is a pic of the finished layout of my zine... (I decided on a single page, 8 panel style zine)... It is now ready to print on the color paper of your choice... (* take note that the top & bottom rows are going in different directions, this is necessary for all of the pages to be correct when folded in half)

Zine Layout - 8 Hand Drawn Panels

Below is a template to show how to fold and cut your 
printed page to create your finished booklet
Zine Template - easy to follow guidelines

Below pics show steps of folding after cutting the opening to 
create a finished booklet... give it a try, 
it actually is quite easy once you see it in person!

 Hope you will jump in and try your hand at a "Zine"...
you just might have fun!

Until next time, Blessings to one & all!!

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