Thursday, March 3, 2016

Gearing up for ART & Fun... what's not to like?

The last week-end of April, I will be attending "SeARTle", an art retreat and gathering of fellow artists from the website ATCsforAll in Seattle, Washington. This will be my maiden voyage into an event of this kind, I was tempted out of my "solo artist" comfort zone at the prospect of meeting several artists who's works and talents I have come to appreciate as well as admire since joining AFA. So, how could I possibly pass this opportunity up with it being so close to home? From reports of past events around the country, I am sure that a good time will be had by all!

With my decision to attend, I now need to work towards creating some "trade" inventory... I definitely want to walk away with a treasure trove of work from my fellow artists... the best souvenir of all! Soooo, production has begun... trading is much like selling... my motto: the more choices there are, the easier it is to hook them in!! (Selling 101, hehehe!) 

Today's Show and Tell is a look at a few projects that I have started to make for SeARTle. A couple of them I have created in the past but with a bit of "design tweaking" to make them new & unique to this event! 

Below: First up are my... Mini SeARTle Domi-Books... much like regular sized domino books, this version is created from miniature dominoes that I recently came across... they were just too cute to pass up!! 

Inside: Janoodle Style - Jacquard Dyes w/Ink 

Below: Next up... "Mini Muse" Dollies... in the past, I have created these little dollies in a variety of sizes but these are the smallest version yet, approximately 5 inches (hair included)... even though their message may be the same, each doll has it's own unique Janoodle design as well as stylin' with a variety of hair colors!


Below: Finally... "Tip-ins" for a Universal Sketchbook aka "USK"... if you're not familiar with these little books, they are a blank accordion style hard cover book to either create directly on it's pages or in this case, insert "tip-ins" that are created on separate pieces of paper & attached to the inside panels of the USK. I have recently become addicted to making these pages, mostly because of their size (3.5 X 5.75 inches)... not too small & not too big, just right for my attention span!! (Color is kinda weird in this pic, just couldn't do them justice!)

Assortment of USK's for trading

As usual, I do appreciate that you stopped by to take a peek...
Until next time, Happy ARTing!

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  1. You're gonna have a great time. In my experience, the first time you meet in person, it's a little uncomfortable, but then you make friends. The second time you attend a live meet've got a partner(s) in crime to make it comfortable and extremely enjoyable!

    You are making me insane with all of the purdy's you have displayed!! GORgeous!!