Sunday, February 14, 2016

Is it a postie, is it an envie... no, it's weirdy mail?!

Just a quickie Show & Tell for today... It's Weirdy Time February! If you follow my blog regularly, you already know that a couple times each year my Envie Addicts Unite! mail art group ventures off the normal path and sends out what we call "weirdy" mail to our monthly partners. For those of you who don't know, the challenge is to send out something "weirdy" (such as; an unusual shape or "naked" unwrapped item) to see if our local Postal Peeps will accept it & deliver it intact to it's destination! (If interested, you can check out my blog archives for February or October 2015 to see my past weirdy mailings!

Below are photos of the "weirdy" that I sent out to my partner in Texas... good news, it made it there safe & sound! 

I started with an empty Cranberry Juice jug, I cut off the bottom and filled the jug with some Valentine themed works of art that I created as well as a couple fun treats... after reattaching the bottom, I addressed & prepared the outside for mailing!

Inside Surprise - Hand Painted Tote, Bookmark, Heart Garland & Treats

Thanks for stopping by...
Happy Valentines Day to one & all!

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  1. Fabulous dahling! ...and I love that it's upcycling! :D