Thursday, February 11, 2016

A spoonful of "ART" helps the medicine go down!

There really aren't many things that can stand in the way of my desire to create artwork, unless of course it's an untimely, irritating, and thoroughly icky winter cold... several days of head pounding, post nasal dripping, nose stuffing, and cough inducing germs had me down for the count!! Good news, I'm finally on the mend and back in my muse groove!

Today's Show & Tell is all about Domino Books... several months ago, I participated in a swap on AFA and experienced domi-books for the first time. Recently, when the opportunity arose to join another swap, I jumped at the chance to join in the fun! 

Below are photos of my four domi-books: I decided to construct each one using the same techniques and materials... in the end, each one has it's own unique look and theme! The front panels on each domi-book were made using paper clay, the dominoes were painted with acrylic paint and sealed with a clear gloss acrylic spray, the inside accordion pages were created using Jacquard Dyes w/ink.

 Beware: Domi-Books can become addictive!   
Thanks for stopping by, until next time...  
Brighten your days with color!!

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  1. These are gorgeous happy little nuggets! I say that something is eye candy often...but these really do feel like sweet, bright pieces of candy, that you can hold in your hand. :)