Monday, January 4, 2016

Oh where, Oh where, has my little muse gone... ?

What better way to start the New Year than with ART? So let's hit the road running with a little Show & Tell... It seems that my "Muse" used the Holiday Season as an opportunity for a little vacation of her own, but all things must come to an end and it's time to get back to the job at hand... inspiring me!!! I have been trying to come up with some new ideas for an AFA swap for Two Sleeve Art Dolls... even though I have created these Dollies in the past, I'm coming up empty this time around! Rather than continue with my frustration over this project, I decided to just let myself loose to play and art around for the sake of having some fun... no guidelines, no deadlines!!  

I soon discovered that I still had Dollies on my mind... I kept coming up with a design for a paper doll that I just couldn't shake off... so, why fight it?

When I'm looking for a little inspiration, I seek out my own comfort zone to kick start my creative juices into flowing... I can "Janoodle" my way through any dry spell that I come against!! 

As usual, I started out with my favorite colors of Jacquard Dyes and a blank piece of watercolor paper to paint a free form background... I then designed a doll shaped template and cut out two mirror image shapes from the painted sheet. They are now ready to "Janoodle" and decorate in any way I choose!

Painted "Mirror Image" Doll Shapes - any thing goes, create away!!
In the end, the two shapes will be attached back to back to create one doll... let your imagination loose, use your favorite mediums & techniques to personalize a doll in your own unique style!! 

Below: My finished doll, "Twin Muses" (a picture of each side) I decided, why have only one muse when two would be even better? Now, if one wanders off, the other can still keep me on track! 

Thank you for stopping by... 
I do hope that you have found a little inspiration along the way!!
Until next time... Happy ARTing!!



  1. OMGorsh! That is....jaw dropping! I just love them! ...and what a terrific shape! You must have a swap with those...but not yet! LOL! I have too many trades to catch up on! LOL!

  2. Absolutely the coolest dollies ever! I agree with Mel about having a swap, but you'll have to share the template with us. I love that dolie!