Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pretty in pink... it must be a Flamingo?!

It seems like I've been saying this a lot lately but isn't a little "quickie" better than "no" Show & Tell?! (Well, I'm just gonna go with it no matter what the answer may be!) As we all know, I do have a tendency to curl up in my own little creative comfort zone... when in doubt, here a Janoodle, there a Janoodle, everywhere a Janoodle, enough already!!! Don't get me wrong, I do love what I do... I always return to my own little brand of art because it really is how I see the world around me... colors & shapes, negative & positive spaces and how they are connected to each other... some people have called it chaos (which never ceases to amaze me!) but in actuality, it is what totally grounds me!! 

In honor of the New Year, I have vowed to stretch my "creative" self on a more regular basis by honing my drawing and painting skills. While working on my monthly project for "Envie Addicts Unite!" (an AFA group that I am a member of), it became very obvious to me that I have become quite rusty when it comes to realistic drawing. Right from the beginning I knew what I wanted my partner's envelope to look like, it seemed rather easy until I actually started to draw... who knew that Flamingos could be so difficult?! (Just how long are their necks? Which is bigger the head or the beak?? Oh my, just because it's pink doesn't mean it looks like a flamingo!) I truly wanted to create something that my monthly partner would enjoy (and recognize!)... in the end, after going back & forth to the "drawing board", I was content with what I saw on the paper in front of me!! This experience, wrought with frustration, made it apparent that I must take the time to reacquire some much needed drawing skills that I have been ignoring!!

Below is a pic of my Flamingos... I cropped the photo to provide privacy for my EAU partner... The next pic is the "back side" design of the envelope, (as you can see, I did a bit of Janoodlin', just because!!)

"Flamingo" January Envie - front
January Envie - back
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  1. I've tried to draw flamingo's did a better job than I did! Very niccce!