Friday, January 1, 2016

"POP" a cork, raise your glass...Hello 2016!!


Below:  I know that this video is old but I couldn't resist 
sharing it... just too spectacular to keep to myself!! 

My little town had our first-ever New Year's fireworks celebration tonight... Of course, it wasn't this grand but there were plenty of "oooh's & aaaah's" ringing out in the cold night air as each explosion of color lit up the sky!! (I couldn't help it, I love fireworks!)

Blessings for a New Year filled with...
Love, Good Health, Creativity, Prosperity & Joy!

 Dare to Dream... (go ahead, it won't hurt!) 
 ART + more ART ="World Peace" 
Make ART not WAR... Global Artists Unite!!

(Just one more glass of "bubbly", then off to bed... Ciao!!)

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