Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fill your pockets full of fun and ART!

For today's Show & Tell I thought that I would revisit an idea that I came up with last spring. This project came to mind after participating in an AFA Swap for Pocket Letters. (you can refresh your memory in my archived post of April 2015) I only participated in one partner swap before deciding that I just didn't enjoy the process enough to inspire me into creating more! Even though I have seen some wonderfully creative Pocket Letters that were made by some very talented artists, I just didn't feel that they were for me! There was something about the plastic "9 pocket" binder sleeve that bothered me... even if I did make all of the items in the pockets, I wish I could have presented them in some other way! As they say, to each their own... I have resigned myself to the fact that I find my greatest enjoyment in constructing my projects from start to finish! I felt that a smaller format could be used to showcase an artist's unique style in a more personal way... after much consideration, I decided that an individual pocket format was just what I had in mind! <drum roll> and soooo, The "Pocket Tag" was born!! 

"Pocket Tags" are just the right size to hold a few works of art from an artist as well as the tag itself can be a canvas for the artist's own unique style... the creative possibilities are endless! The finished "Pocket Tag" is a fun and compact presentation that can easily be gifted or traded!

Below is a photo of my first "Pocket Tag"... I started with a black tag and constructed the front pocket out of a Janoodle painted on watercolor paper. I created one of my "Mini Muse" Art Dolls and a Mini Janoodle Journal to fill the pocket of the tag. Finally, colorful ribbons were added to complete the project!

The Debut of the "Pocket Tag"

Below are the individual components of my "Pocket Tag" 

 Hope this has inspired you to use your own unique talents to create a  
"Pocket Tag"... whether you decide to gift it or possibly to trade it, 
the most important thing (above all else) is to have FUN with it!!
Until next time, Happy ARTing... Ciao!!

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  1. Fantastic! There's so many decorating possibilities with that pocket :)