Thursday, December 17, 2015

Perfect Pickle Party Pizazz!!

I'm really in a pickle this time... whoops, to be clear, it is a "Pickle Swap"! Once again, the fun and talented artists on ATC's For All have come up with a swap that tempted my creativity enough that I couldn't resist joining in the fun! Everyone has been partnered up with another artist to exchange a work of art celebrating the much beloved taste sensation known around the world as a  "Pickle"!!  This is an "anything goes" kinda swap... any medium you choose... any size, big or small... bread & butter or kosher, sweet or spicy, gherkin or dill... the only guideline being, your work must depict a Pickle! 

After finding out who my partner was, I felt inspired to create a pickle with a personal connection to her world! She says in her AFA profile that "I would have Harold Lloyd's babies if I could!" and uses a photo of him as her online avatar. Soooo, how could I not give it a try? 

Below is a classic photo of the silent film star and comedian Harold Lloyd, my inspiration... 

Below: Presenting..."Mr. Harold Lloyd Pickle"... he is a soft sculpted doll created from a pair of girls tights, painted with acrylics & stuffed with polyfill... his hair is made of yarn, glasses made from rubber washers and wire... all body parts are embellished with hot glue "pickle bumps" and entirely hand sewn (that was my biggest challenge, I am definitely not a seamstress!!) His pickle torso measures a bit over 12 inches.

Thanks for popping by... 
Until next time, Happy ARTing!!


  1. You captured Loyd's likeness so well! Great job m'dearest!

  2. This is a real dilly of a very clever!!