Monday, November 30, 2015

Just strummin' along, singin' a song... hopefully!?

Today's post is a little departure from my usual Show & Tell... Visual Arts have always been my first love while Musical Desires have always taunted me as something beyond my reach! It's no secret to those who know me that I do love to sing... I grew up convinced that life should be a "musical", I have seen every old movie musical that was ever created (more times than I'd like to admit!) In my prime, I could not only quote the dialog [word for word] but I could keep up with each song & dance number as well! Through the years the joke in my "circle of family & friends" has been that I could have been a "Star" if it weren't for the microphones... yes, you heard correctly, just the sight of a "mic" seems to render me speechless!! This crippling phobia has robbed the world of a "talent" that was just never meant to be... at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it!! Luckily for me, my little church choir doesn't use microphones and I have never had a problem with projecting my voice loud enough to be heard! If anything, I have been asked many times to allow other voices to be heard (over compensation, I suppose!)   Eventually, I thought that playing a musical instrument would fulfill those yearnings to have music in my life... just one problem with that idea, for whatever the reason (possibly, "no" natural talent or patience) I have never been successful at learning to play even though I have made many attempts!! Let's see... I have bought about a half dozen guitars, both acoustic & electric... I have even tried lessons, but I'm not sure who was more frustrated, me or my teacher?!  So, I moved on to keyboards... you guessed it, time & time again frustration took it's toll and I finally vowed to give up my quest! I have managed to be content with that decision for several years; that is, until recently... almost as if it were taunting me, I found myself creating a Bucket List with "Learn to Play a Musical Instrument" in bold red letters!! What's that all about?! It's never too late, right? or is this a case for "you can't teach an old dog new tricks"? So, for the past several weeks I've been going back & forth between "I must be crazy" and "what the heck, maybe this time it will be different!?" One thing that I am sure of, No more guitars or keyboards... that's it, try something new... a fresh beginning!!  

After lengthy internet research and a trip to the local neighborhood music store, my mind was made up. I came home with what I'm believing to be the perfect  instrument for me to "conquer" once and for all... a Mandolin... yes, I am a "cockeyed optimist"... only time will tell! (Thankfully, if frustration starts to send me over the edge, I always have my ART to bring me back to sanity!!)

My New Mandolin - closeup
 Full view

Thanks for stopping by... Until next time, Ciao!!

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  1. You never know what'll stick! As for me...I think I would go no further than learning to play the cymbals, triangle, gong or tambourine. The latter is a stretch though! :)