Sunday, November 8, 2015

Call of the Wild... Animal Lanterns!

Today's Show & Tell is a continuance of my trip to The Chinese Lantern Festival... I really enjoyed the Animal Lanterns and felt that they were exceptionally creative... they ranged from whimsical to realistic but their life-sized presence succeeded in bringing them to life right before your eyes!

The following pictures really don't do them justice, some of the scenes were actually animated which added yet another dimension to their designs. 

King of the Jungle with His Subjects
Hyenas (very creepy in person)
Life-sized Giraffe Family
Life-sized Zebras
Life-sized Mother Tiger & Cubs
Ceremonial "Baby" Elephant
Ceremonial "Young Adult" Elephant
Peacocks - approx. 20 ft. fanned out
Butterfly Garden
Pandas Playing
Dinosaur World
Dinosaur World
Tropical Birds
Snail - approx. 5ft long
Ant Colony - approx. 5 ft. each, 8 total in display
Lantern Fish
That's about it... thanks for letting me share my journey with you,
I hope that you found a bit of fun & enjoyment along the way!!
Blessings to you all... Ciao!!

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