Monday, October 19, 2015

No insurance or tracking number needed!!

"Return of the Weirdy Mail"... (no this is not the title of the latest spooky movie for the Halloween season!) Back in February I posted about the "Envie Addicts Unite" group that I'm a part of on ATC's for All. A couple of times during the year instead of sending "arted up" envelopes to our partners we shake things up by sending what is affectionately called Weirdy Mail. The rule of thumb here is that there are no rules (the weirder the better), the main challenge is getting your post office to accept the item for delivery! My local post office is a bit conservative, after talking to our Postmaster I decided to be safe and that I would do what I call Semi-Weirdy. Nevertheless, I do think I managed to come up with a creative project that was still in the spirit of the weirdy challenge!

Below are photos of my "Weirdy"... I started with an empty potato chip container, I wanted something that not only could be arted up on the outside but could also be a vessel for an artful surprise inside!

My Inspiration

When I started I assumed that there were plenty of surface areas to be used as a canvas for my artwork. I first covered the entire can with tissue paper... before starting my artwork I went to the post office to find out where they would have to place the postage, I did not want any of the design to be covered. I'm glad that I checked, I found out that I had less room than needed for a design that I had planned. I still had time to make changes & in the end, much less frustration!

Below are photos of both ends as well as the side with my finished design, unfortunately I have no pic of the opposite side of the can where the address lettering and postage appeared.

"Weirdy" Bottom
"Weirdy" Top
"Halloween in Creepyville"

Below is a photo of the "Surprise Inside"... remember how fun it was when we were kids, anxiously tearing into our favorite cereal boxes to see what we got!! 
I started with a 4 foot length of garland that I found at the Dollar Store, then I attached individual letters & decorations created from watercolor paper. 

(I arranged it in a circle for the photo but it was created to be hung as a swag)

Halloween "Surprise" Garland
Hope you've been inspired to put a little weirdness into 
your life today... Have a Creative & Fun Halloween!!


  1. Love your weird idea! LOL! I also admire the fact that you went to your post office and asked where everything needs to go, before hand. You're so organized!

  2. This wierdy mail came to me! I was so excited to get it!