Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cooler days ahead... please!!

With Summer on it's way out, I am anxiously awaiting the beginning of my favorite season, Autumn! I have never looked so forward to a season change than I do this year. Week after week of record breaking temperatures (as well as being surrounded by wildfires and smoke), has left me longing for much cooler days! 11 days and counting... but I will endure to enjoy the crisp cool days ahead,  even if today is still going to be in the 90's!!

A while back I posted about my maiden voyage into the world of Chunky Pages, At that time I started a Janoodle Chunky with plans to continue adding pages from time to time. Today's Show & Tell showcases the latest additions to my chunky book... In celebration of Autumn, I created a few Janoodles of fall leaves! I love to watch the different stages of their journey as they make their way from "tree to ground"... with the variety of shapes and changing colors, one can't help but be artistically inspired! 

Below are photos of my Autumn Leaf Chunkies... It is a bit early, they are just starting to change, this warm weather makes for more subtle colors than usual! Hopefully, by next month there will be plenty of leafy eye candy on the mountainsides! 

( I'm not sure why but my scans really don't do them justice... the color layers appear to be washed out... in person you can see a lot of depth... Really... Oh well, you get the idea! )

I'm glad you stopped by...
Until next time, Blessings to One & All!!

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  1. Beautifully done m'deary. I have the same problem trying to get an accurate pic out on the comp.

    I feel the same about wanting the Fall to be here too. There are way too many fires going on right now and the heat is unbearable!

    I can't wait for rain, cinnamon, and pumpkins!