Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Challenge your "creative" self, I dare you!!

A few months ago I presented myself with an art challenge to shake up my creative comfort zone, I have aptly named it "5 Minutes to Completion" ... I have a tendency to primarily use a great deal of time consuming details in my artwork while using the background painting as the secondary element; however, in this challenge I attempt to reverse those elements by minimizing the details and relying on the paint colors to take on more importance in the overall composition. Sometimes I find this easier said than done, the time restraints seem to be the hardest part of the challenge for me but I do feel that I'm making some headway!  The allotted 5 minutes breakdown with 2 minutes for painting and 3 minutes for finishing details.

Today's challenge theme was Trees... they are one of my favorite all time things to draw and paint. I absolutely love to get lost in creating the intricate details of the wood & leaves, hence the challenge! Below are photos of the three finished ATC's... I limited my details to the tree's trunks and left the painting to carry the load of representing the foliage ( truth be known, I'm dying to go back with my pen and keep going... No, I will be strong and walk away!! )

Stand Tall

Old Guard

Flaming Glory

Do you possibly have something about your creative self that you'd like to work on? 
If so, try an art challenge of your own... shake things up and have some FUN!!
Just remember, ARTING each day keeps the doctor away!! 

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  1. You did great! You've got a lot of details in considering the time constraint. It is fun to try out, no?