Friday, September 25, 2015

Can you really teach an old dog new tricks?

As I've mentioned on previous posts, I have really been enjoying an introduction to "assemblage art"!  Through signing up for some fun swaps on the AFA website, I've had such challenges as creating mixed media 3-D Birds, Fish, Domino Dolls & Books and Cats. Needless to say, I'm hooked and hoping for more of these swaps in my future!!

Today's Show and Tell will be showcasing my maiden voyage into larger scale assemblage. I became inspired when making my small projects and as they say, I ran with it!!  

My first love in the Land of Art will always be creating with porcelain clay. I have been a clay artist for more years than I care to reveal! ( I'm in denial about all this gray hair, not to mention... now, what was I talking about?! You get the idea...) The main components of this assemblage project were made out of porcelain with only one kiln firing. Since the piece is intended to be decorative and not functional, I chose to do the finish work in acrylic paint instead of glazing. This is actually the first time I have ever done this process of painting clay, I must admit I am of the "old school"... clay is supposed to be glazed!! I have been very reluctant to change my ways, even if acrylic painting has become very popular & acceptable in recent years!! So, I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave it a try... for this project, I do like the results that I got but I did miss my airbrush!!

Below: bisque fired porcelain components for my assemblage.

Below are photos of my finished piece. 
(it measures 30 inches top to bottom and approximately 6 inches wide) 

The Foliage Queen
Close up of The Foliage Queen
Component Close-up (a nightlight is in the box behind the fan of leaves) 

As always, I'm glad you stopped by to see what I've been up to...
 Until next time, Happy Creating!!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cooler days ahead... please!!

With Summer on it's way out, I am anxiously awaiting the beginning of my favorite season, Autumn! I have never looked so forward to a season change than I do this year. Week after week of record breaking temperatures (as well as being surrounded by wildfires and smoke), has left me longing for much cooler days! 11 days and counting... but I will endure to enjoy the crisp cool days ahead,  even if today is still going to be in the 90's!!

A while back I posted about my maiden voyage into the world of Chunky Pages, At that time I started a Janoodle Chunky with plans to continue adding pages from time to time. Today's Show & Tell showcases the latest additions to my chunky book... In celebration of Autumn, I created a few Janoodles of fall leaves! I love to watch the different stages of their journey as they make their way from "tree to ground"... with the variety of shapes and changing colors, one can't help but be artistically inspired! 

Below are photos of my Autumn Leaf Chunkies... It is a bit early, they are just starting to change, this warm weather makes for more subtle colors than usual! Hopefully, by next month there will be plenty of leafy eye candy on the mountainsides! 

( I'm not sure why but my scans really don't do them justice... the color layers appear to be washed out... in person you can see a lot of depth... Really... Oh well, you get the idea! )

I'm glad you stopped by...
Until next time, Blessings to One & All!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Challenge your "creative" self, I dare you!!

A few months ago I presented myself with an art challenge to shake up my creative comfort zone, I have aptly named it "5 Minutes to Completion" ... I have a tendency to primarily use a great deal of time consuming details in my artwork while using the background painting as the secondary element; however, in this challenge I attempt to reverse those elements by minimizing the details and relying on the paint colors to take on more importance in the overall composition. Sometimes I find this easier said than done, the time restraints seem to be the hardest part of the challenge for me but I do feel that I'm making some headway!  The allotted 5 minutes breakdown with 2 minutes for painting and 3 minutes for finishing details.

Today's challenge theme was Trees... they are one of my favorite all time things to draw and paint. I absolutely love to get lost in creating the intricate details of the wood & leaves, hence the challenge! Below are photos of the three finished ATC's... I limited my details to the tree's trunks and left the painting to carry the load of representing the foliage ( truth be known, I'm dying to go back with my pen and keep going... No, I will be strong and walk away!! )

Stand Tall

Old Guard

Flaming Glory

Do you possibly have something about your creative self that you'd like to work on? 
If so, try an art challenge of your own... shake things up and have some FUN!!
Just remember, ARTING each day keeps the doctor away!!