Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Let the Dominoes fall where they may...

I've always enjoyed a good fast paced game of Dominoes (truth be known, I am the reigning "Domino Queen" in my social circle)... little did I know what a versatile art supply that I had stashed away in the game closet for all these years!! A few months ago was my first exposure in using dominoes when I participated in a Domino Dolls Swap (check out "March 24th" post). I had so much fun that when I saw the sign-ups for a Domino Books Swap, I just couldn't resist joining in once again! After this project I have to admit that I am hooked for good... just say the word "Domino" and I'll come running to make whatever you ask for!!

Domino Books consist of 2 dominoes as the front & back covers of the book with accordion folded pages attached inside. The sky is the limit on how you choose to decorate your dominoes as well as what the pages will be like! The main ingredients here are imagination & FUN!!!

Below is a picture of my finished books. (I covered my dominoes with layers of brightly colored tissue paper collage and ink details, a ribbon is attached to the back to enable the book to be tied closed.) 

Completed Domino Books

Below is a picture of the "accordion" pages that I created in my trusty Janoodle style for the inside of my books (this pic really doesn't do them justice, even if I do say so myself!)

"Accordion" pages inside Domino Books

As always, thank you for popping in to see what I've been up to!

Until next time... Happy Creating!!