Thursday, August 20, 2015

In the Good ol' Summertime... it's Fair Time!

August means "Fair Time" in Northeast Washington State! For several years, I have been privileged to be the Judge for the Kid's Fine Arts Division. After spending most of yesterday fulfilling my duties, I found myself leaving the pavilion a bit frustrated for the first time. I try my best to be more supportive than critical when awarding the ribbons and I always take the time to write positive remarks on each entry form. I have tried to explain to the Kid's Pavilion Superintendent the need to separate the age divisions when hanging the show (I come in after they are hung and do the judging) so that a senior teen's work (age 13-17) isn't hung next to a junior's (age 8-12) or even next to a primary (age 2-7). I take into consideration the age of each artist when judging. As the judge, I can see the age code but others don't see the age of the artist. I may give a 10 yr. old a Blue ribbon for their effort and a 17 yr. old only a Red ribbon for theirs, when hung side by side it appears not to make sense to the viewer. Sometimes even the kids question "why" when comparing their work to others. I was told by the powers to be that they would give my request some thought for the future but the show is hung and ready to go for this year... Hence , the reason for my aforementioned frustration. Oh well, it's not about me... it's all about the kids!!

Soooo, speaking of Art that is about me... I have never participated by entering any of my own artwork in the Fair's Adult Division, this year I thought it would be interesting to join in the fun! I created a Mega-sized Janoodle that I decided would be my entry. I wasn't sure how my colorful abstract work would be received but I went ahead and delivered my entry in time for judging. 

Below is a photo of my award winning "Wild Garden"... Much to my surprise and pleasure, I received a Blue Ribbon and a Purple Judge's "Special Award" for my effort! 

"Wild Garden" @ Northeast Washington Fair

Thanks for stopping by... Until next time, Ciao!!


  1. Congratulations! I love your work...therefore, I'm not surprised it won. :)

    I agree with your frustration. I wish the folks that are in charge of things like that would take the contest more seriously. For them it might be something that they were just tasked to do. Where as, some one like you, an artist, can understand why things like that are important. (Maybe you can find a way to be the one in charge of the art contest?)

  2. Congrats! You certainly deserved the ribbons. Beautiful work!
    Prayers are going up for everyone in Eastern WA .

  3. Congratulations on your blue ribbon and special award! That's awesome.