Monday, July 20, 2015

Finally... the Chunkier it is, the better it is!!

I recently was gifted some art supplies as a prize in a contest that I participated in. Among those items was a package of blank "chunky pages" that are used to create an aptly named Chunky Book. I had never given much thought to creating a chunky book, the only thing that I knew of them was that their dimensions were a 4"X4" square. Since receiving the blank pages, I set out to find some additional info on what was expected when putting my Chunky together. I saw some wonderful examples by some very talented artists and the main thing that I learned was, just about anything goes!!  The beauty of a chunky book is that it lends itself to any style or medium you choose, it's the perfect mixed media project with embellishments totally welcomed!! 

I decided to jump in and begin to create my very first Chunky Book. After a few mis-starts with me thinking that I needed to create something chunky & stuffed full of mixed media pages, I stepped back to regroup!! I resigned myself to the reality that my first attempt needed to reflect me and my own unique style and so, Janoodle Chunky was started!!

As mentioned in my previous post, my first two chunky pages were created from my ice dyeing project. I decided to use them for the front and back covers of my book. My plan is to keep creating and adding more pages so I decided to use steel rings for binding which will enable me to make it as big as the rings will allow!! (I guess I could even get bigger rings?!)

Front Cover
Back Cover

Bound with Steel Rings that open

Below are photos of my first six inside pages for my Janoodle Chunky. I'm really looking forward to continuing to add pages to this book and hopefully creating another chunky book by experimenting with some new mixed media techniques along the way. 
Heat Wave


Good? Jinn

Lady Wellington

At a Snails Pace!

Wild Royalty

Below is one last photo showing the Chunky as it opens!

Hope you have gotten inspired to create a Chunky Book 
to showcase your own unique style of artwork... 
 They make wonderful presents, give a gift of your ART!! 

Until next time, Blessings!!


  1. Beautiful work! I particularly like heat wave....its a perfect representation of what I am feeling now! I will have to check out chunky books!!

  2. What a lovely chunky book you will have, and it will be uniquely your own!

  3. Gorgeous! Gee, now I wanna make one!