Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It's never too hot for ART... who wants lemonade?

Northeast Washington State is supposed to have idyllic weather this time of the year, moving through late Spring with temperatures in the high 70's and maybe peaking at 80. I can't help but remember that I moved here from the Southwest seeking a much cooler and greener environment.... so what's happening? Can we finally agree that global warming is a "real thing" as we venture out into our record breaking heatwave. Today marks another day of 95+ degrees topping out yesterday at 101, previous records have been in place as far back as 1918. Oh well, I suppose this too will pass... until then, I will use this as an excuse to stay in and do ART ( as if I really needed an excuse!).

Today's Show & Tell  is inspired by one of America's favorite summertime pastimes, Goin' Fishing! Of course, my personal favorite pastime is ART, so what could be better than ART FISH!! 

I recently joined a swap at ATC's for All called "Art Fish Frenzy" for 3-D interpretations of any style fish... right up my alley, I love creating in 3-D and I love fish art... so, I cast out my line into creative waters and managed to reel in my fresh catch of the day!  

The fish bodies are made of papier mache using tissue paper, aluminum & wire... there heads are made from polymer clay... they are assembled with findings that encourages movement while they hang.   

Below photos: Unique "one of a kind" designs of undocumented & unknown species of fish!

 First 3 of 6 

Second 3 of 6

Hanging View
 Thanks for stopping by, Until next time...
Happy Creating!!


  1. Might of known you would rock out the fish. Fishtacular!