Sunday, May 17, 2015

Come Out , Come Out, Wherever You Are...

I'm not going to waste your time with excuses and I'm not going to blabber on with boring details and updates on this ongoing drama of my knee injury... it has taken far too much attention from what I want to be doing, ART!! It seems that my Muse got so sick and tired of all of the hullabaloo that she retreated into exile... I have managed to coax her back just enough to get started on a few new projects with the promise that I'll stop whining!!

We recently had a fund raising live auction at our local Historical Center where I am a volunteer. I'm usually far too busy working to participate with bidding on any items but when an item came up that wasn't getting any takers I decided it must come home with me... of course, once I showed interest others started to bid against me... undaunted, I managed to win out in the end, trying to remember that it was for a good cause! My prize was a "Bundle of Art Supplies" for sketching. (Pictured below)

All of the items in the bundle will definitely be put to good use but I quickly became enamored by the wooden "mini" mannequin. Once he was removed from the box, I couldn't keep my hands off of him, just too cute & fun... even my cat, Blossom tried to kidnap him!!
Naked Manny
I decided that if he was going to live in my artspace that he needed some color, he was far too pale for my liking, so I broke out the paints... now, he is Stylin'!!

Mr. Manny Mannequin
As always, Thanks for stopping by... 
(I promise to not be gone for so long next time!!)


  1. Great win! Ha! I love that you painted him up. :)

  2. I too love that you painted him! I have one of those wooden manniquins too but mine is pale. I have a hard time keeping the grandson's away from the manniquin...they seem to like to put him into compromising positions with the barbie doll I altered. They sit on a shelf together and every time the grandkids come along, someone makes the two of them do things they should not be doing! I may have to put some clothes on my guy. That may keep the grandkids at bay....but then again, they ARE boys and boys will be boys!!!

  3. You are such an enabler. I will be doing this too. Makes the little guy not so boring.

  4. I am in love .... Mr Manny Mannequin .... you are the man!!