Monday, May 25, 2015

Drop that pen and back away from the table...

Today I decided to shake things up and give myself a creative challenge! 

In my usual style of artwork I believe that I am known to focus on my finish work using considerable detail. My favorite tool for this job is my finely tipped Rapidograph Pen which lends itself to accomplishing my goals. As you can imagine, this process can be very time consuming but to me the end results make it all worthwhile. This is where I find my artistic comfort! So, here comes the aforementioned challenge... Create two ATC sized cards using my usual medium of Jacquard Dyes & Ink but with a time limit and minimal details to bring it to life! Here's the breakdown... painting the backgrounds must be limited to 1 minute each and after they are dry enough to finish, an additional 4 minutes each is allowed for the inking... a total of 5 minutes each. To some, this may not seem creatively restricting but to me, it felt dauntingly impossible! Well, I did meet the challenge and stayed within the rules... I also managed to have some fun to boot!!

Below, you will see the end results... I must confess that I am dying to go back and continue to work on them  (especially the sun) but I have vowed to just let them go, that will actually be the real challenge!



Thank you for dropping in... 
Happy Creating and Blessings to All!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tip Toe Through the Tulips... oops, wrong blooms!

Welcome to today's Show & Tell... 

In my neck of the woods, Columbines are in bloom everywhere! They are one of my favorite springtime flowers so when I found out that a fellow postcard trader requested them on a postcard, I was happy to oblige!! In the end I made two different postcards featuring a few of my favorite color combos... I hope their recipients like my choices... we'll see, they are on their way?!

Purple & Fuschia w/White

Fuschia w/Yellow

It's been quite some time since I have traded any ATC's (I have been focused on mail art projects of late)... so, today after admiring some wonderful cards that were posted Available for Trade, I decided that I'd better get to work in hopes of coming up with some Janoodles that might tempt someone into a trade with me! I have my fingers crossed that someone will see something that they just gotta have!

"Branch Out"

"Dinner for Two"

"Dream Garden"

"Wine Fruit"
I'm sooooooo glad that you stopped by... thank you!!
Until next time, Happy Creating!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Come Out , Come Out, Wherever You Are...

I'm not going to waste your time with excuses and I'm not going to blabber on with boring details and updates on this ongoing drama of my knee injury... it has taken far too much attention from what I want to be doing, ART!! It seems that my Muse got so sick and tired of all of the hullabaloo that she retreated into exile... I have managed to coax her back just enough to get started on a few new projects with the promise that I'll stop whining!!

We recently had a fund raising live auction at our local Historical Center where I am a volunteer. I'm usually far too busy working to participate with bidding on any items but when an item came up that wasn't getting any takers I decided it must come home with me... of course, once I showed interest others started to bid against me... undaunted, I managed to win out in the end, trying to remember that it was for a good cause! My prize was a "Bundle of Art Supplies" for sketching. (Pictured below)

All of the items in the bundle will definitely be put to good use but I quickly became enamored by the wooden "mini" mannequin. Once he was removed from the box, I couldn't keep my hands off of him, just too cute & fun... even my cat, Blossom tried to kidnap him!!
Naked Manny
I decided that if he was going to live in my artspace that he needed some color, he was far too pale for my liking, so I broke out the paints... now, he is Stylin'!!

Mr. Manny Mannequin
As always, Thanks for stopping by... 
(I promise to not be gone for so long next time!!)