Friday, April 24, 2015

Something OLD, Something NEW...

Today's Show & Tell... a couple of my latest creative endeavors!

One of the newest swap sensations at AFA is all about Pocket Letters... it is created using a 9 pocket clear plastic page protector, the ones used for trading card collections. The idea is to fill each pocket with creative and fun items that your selected swap partner would enjoy receiving... the possibilities are endless, a perfect showcase for your style and imagination to shine through! Since the page is made of clear plastic, a separate work of art can be created to be viewed from the back side of the individual pockets.

Below are photos of the one and only Pocket Letter that I have created. It was a challenging project to do and I'm glad that I joined in the fun but I'm not so sure it's something I want to do on a regular basis... well, for now anyway! (We all do have our favorites , don't we?!) 

Sorry that the photos aren't better... the plastic surface & the 
lighting just weren't working for me...Oh well, you get the idea !

Front - Handmade Goodies for My Partner

Back - Number "Janoodles" for each Pocket

I have been a bit limited on my "creative time" since my knee injury but I have discovered that I enjoy making Postcards the most... it takes me a few different sessions between "ice-packs" but I have found starting & stopping is easily accomplished and in this larger format I can actually do some of the finish work with my leg elevated... Where there's a will, there's a way! 

Below are a couple 4" X 6" Postcards that I have recently sent out!

Thanks for taking the time to check things out...
Until next time, Ciao!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

You should have seen the one that got away?

Well it's official , I am sick and tired of putting up with my current knee injury!! My doctors are really testing my patience, appointment after appointment..."let's just wait to see...?" this test, that test & test some more... consultation here and referrals there... insurance company bureaucracy (Oh, don't get me started on them!!) Don't they all know that I've got things to do? This is cramping my style... just fix me and send me on my merry way!! Whew...Thanks, I needed that, venting is at times the best medicine there is!! 

Now that's over, let's move on to a little fun stuff...  Today's Show & Tell is an update on one of my favorite trading threads on the ATC's For All website. In my neck of the wood, the fishing season has just begun but at AFA you can hook the "fresh catch of the day" year around by joining the PIF Funky Fish Swap. We are always looking for more anglers... get hooked, cast your line and grab your net, there's no limit on the fun!!

Below are a couple examples of unique species of fish that recently surfaced from my creative waters!!

Clown Fish

Skittle Fish

Until next time ... Blessings for Good Health & Joy!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

ART is the best presciption for whatever ails you!!

Just a quick Show & Tell to share today... I'm still nursing my injured knee and have had a bit of a setback that requires me to spend most of my day with my leg elevated. This is not a position I enjoy, needless to say I have been ignoring doctors orders so that I can sit up to do my artwork, hence the aforementioned setback! What's a gal to do??? 

I had been contemplating venturing out into the World of Rolos... for those who don't know, they are small works of art created directly on a Rolodex card and then displayed in a Rolodex file just as one would collect addresses or business info in their offices. Artists are so ingenious, they can be inspired and see potential art supplies everywhere they go!! Well, I finally jumped in and joined my first Rolo Swap on AFA. I quickly realized I opened myself up for yet another addiction!!

Below are photos of my first ever Rolos... the theme for this swap was artist's choice so I decided to go with one of my favorite subjects, Ocean Life! 

Sea Turtle

Ocean Fish
Sea Anemone

Ocean Reef

Well, back to my icepack... Thanks for stopping by!!
Until next time, Ciao!!