Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring has finally sprung!!

Tulips - Jacquard Dyes w/Ink on 140lb Watercolor Paper
Happy Spring!!
 For many, this marks the end of a very long and cold winter season. Spring always seems to come just in the nick of time. Almost instantly we start to see beautiful blooms as they pop their heads out of the recently frozen ground to fill our world with color and hope for new beginnings! 

As an artist, these seasonal lovelies cannot be overlooked...
pull out those pencils and paints, let your muse loose and enjoy your creative self!!

Spring Flowers - Jacquard Dyes w/Ink on 140lb Watercolor Paper
Thanks for stopping by once again...
 I am "on the mend" and I will be back to "Arting" full time very soon!
Blessings to You All!!


  1. Ha! Seems like California went from Winter to Summer! ...If we can call it a Winter....LOL! :)

  2. We have spring too :) love spring. And I also love your postcards:D

  3. Beautiful painting! I love tulips! And yellow flowers, of any kind, are my favorites! Spring is supposed to have arrived in Kansas. It's been nice weather but they're calling for a hard frost this coming Friday. I am in hopes the green buds on the trees survive a hard frost. Last year the pear trees suffered from a late frost when the blossoms were already out. I'd like pears this year, please! Really pretty tulips!