Sunday, March 15, 2015

No Ballroom Dancing for a while!!

I definitely have gotten behind in my planned schedule of posting at least one Show & Tell each week but I guess plans change when you least expect it! "Help... I've fallen and I can't get up to do my ART!!!" I will leave out all of the clumsy & gory details but I did have a small accident last week that has left me battered & bruised, thankfully I have been blessed and I have no broken bones other than one small toe (the little piggy having roast beef!)  The ugliest and most obvious sign of injury is a knee the size & color of a bowling ball, along with several other irritating contusions in various locations! I may not be a pretty sight with my scraped up nose and blackened eyes but trust me when I say it could have been worse, for that reason I am very grateful that it wasn't! My main inconvenience while being "down for the count" is having to keep my leg elevated... don't these doctors realize I can't draw or paint if I can't sit up?! Oh well, any day now I'll be back in least I've been able to follow all of the happenings at AFA and add my two cents worth on occasion... my creative lifeline!!

Before this little happening, I was on a roll making Mail Art Postcards... soooo, today's Show & Tell will feature a few of them...just a little eye candy since I forced my tale of woe upon you!!

Marbled Paper w/Additions in Spectrum Noir Markers & Ink
Corrugated Cardboard w/ Acrylics & Hand Carved Stamps
Jacquard Dyes w/ Ink
Jacquard Dyes w/ Ink
Thank you for stopping by... I'll see you again soon!!
Until then, Blessings to All!!


  1. Oh no! It sounds like a really bad tumble! Get well soon m'dear. Love all of the eye candy...your cardboard flowers catch my eye. :)

  2. Well, geeze~! That really sucks you're all banged up! Sounds like your attitude is doing quite fine though! It is all in the attitude!!!! Hope you get healed up soon!
    Loving all the eye candy! I especially like the fishes and the cardboard flowers~!
    Take it easy so you can heal!