Sunday, March 1, 2015

Inspiration is blowing in the wind!

I thought we'd start this month off with a quickie Show & Tell... 

The month of March is most commonly associated with St. Patrick's Day... a day when everyone claims to have even a small percentage of an Irish heritage that requires them to celebrate with green beer as well as corned beef and cabbage... it's all about the green! 

For me, I have a different fondness for March... it's all about March Winds! Without them we wouldn't have April Showers or May Flowers!! After all, they wouldn't have written a song about them if they weren't extremely important?!  I also believe that Kahlil Gibran was probably thinking about the month of March in his famous quote... "Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair!" 

In honor of the March Winds, I was inspired to create a trio of lovelies with their wind friendly (or not) hairdo's!!

Until next time... Ciao!!


  1. The last one is my fave. she has what looks like cinnamon roll hair! :) It's also Arts & Craft Month!

  2. I love that you quoted Kahlil Gibran to go with your beautiful March Ladies! Wind becomes them!

  3. Your doodles are amazing. The first is my favorite :)

  4. They look worried that their hair might just completely blow off! Love these!!!

  5. Excellent idea to celebrate March!! Love those expressions!