Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Spread the LOVE around!!

Just a quickie Valentine's Day Show & Tell... No matter what society says or thinks, I believe that Valentine's Day is not reserved solely for Sweethearts! Yes, LOVE is what it's all about, but Love comes in all shapes & sizes from all kinds of relationships!!  Valentine cards are the perfect way to reach out to those around us, to let them know that we're thinking of them and wishing them a life filled with LOVE!! 

As an artist, I really love to make my own Valentines. Whether you think of yourself as creative or not, it doesn't take too much expertise to make a handmade card. However, it does takes time... what better way in this busy world of ours is there to show how much you care!!  Cards can be made from using just about any supplies that you may already have laying around the house... construction paper, card stock, paper doilies, markers, colored pencils, rubber stamps and ink, photos, magazine pages, glue, scissors, hole punches, tape... let your imagination run wild and above all else, have FUN!!

Below is a photo of some postcard style Valentines that I have made for this year. If you are interested in trying out your hand with this style card, I have posted some instructions in a previous post! (Scroll down through my last few posts to help you get started on some ideas of your own) 

Mixed media "Valentine" Postcards on 140lb watercolor paper 
Happy Valentine's Day and Blessings of Love to All!!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Janina! Your Valentines are beautiful! And you are so right! Love is what it's all about and love comes in so many shapes and sizes!

  2. Yummy colors as always!!