Sunday, January 18, 2015

Part Two... Going Across the Finish Line!!

Just to recap... our previous post ended with 4 Mail Art Postcards that we cut from a colorful background sheet that was created using acrylic paint.  Today I will continue to embellish with my finish designs. Upon completion,  the postcards will be ready to pop into the nearest mailbox to start their journey to their planned destinations!

So, let's get started... But first, take a moment to scroll down to the end of the previous post... to refresh your memory, this photo shows our postcards with their finished backgrounds. 

Welcome back... Below: Pictured is an assortment of hand carved stamps that I have made. I chose to use them on the postcards as another layer of design.  The background was created to be totally free form, by adding the specific designs of the stamps a wonderful contrast is achieved.

Hand carved stamps

Postcards after the stamping is completed
As you can see above, that second layer of color and design that the stamps provide is a great option for continuing your finish work!

Below are the individual postcards that I completed. Of course, they are done in my own familiar Janoodle style. Using these basic techniques, you can personalize your postcards in your own unique way, there are no rights or wrongs. 

Just remember to have FUN!!

"Love Art" Postcard

"Dreaming of Spring" Postcard

"Happy Birthday" Postcard

I hope that I have inspired you, even the tiniest bit... come on,  just jump in... no plans... experiment, try something new, what's the worst thing that can happen? 
Your ART is waiting to be created!!


  1. Holey snap! These turned out really great!

  2. WOW! Love the colors & energy on these:)

  3. Beautiful! I envy your ability to carve such gorgeous stamps. The recipients of the postcards should be very pleased. They really are quite beautiful

  4. So much awesome here! Love all the colours!