Sunday, January 11, 2015

First post of the New Year!

Whoa... I can't believe it's already January 11th, I did have high hopes for starting off this year with at least 1 post every 3-4 days. Well, so much for plans, to avoid feeling like I've already failed, I'll use my woman's prerogative to change my mind. No more declarations, no more goals, no more pressure to perform... whew, I feel better already!!

Wintertime has become my least favorite time of year, as the years go by I find myself less and less enthusiastic about all that it has to offer! Don't get me wrong, I do still enjoy gazing upon the beauty of freshly fallen snow but that seems to be where it ends!! Inevitably, reality does set in when I must leave the confines of my dry, warm home to go out into the world. Coats, hats, scarves, gloves, boots, ice cleats, heavy socks... has it always taken this long to get ready to go?! O.K., now I made it outside... where's the snow shovel, ice melter, ice scraper and snow brush?! Thank goodness, I actually still have enough energy left to drive downtown to run some errands (hopefully the city has plowed the streets I need to go on?!) Optimist that I am, I have found a light at the end of the tunnel... today has 1.35 minutes more daylight than yesterday!!

My "ART" is what I depend on the most to see me through until Spring comes shining through... I am truly blessed, so I'd better knock off all the whining and just get to work CREATING!! Here's my first "Show & Tell" of the New Year!

Below are a few "themed" Janoodles that I did this afternoon!
(They are a little bit abstract and a little bit realistic... my favorite way of seeing things!!)

"Flower Garden" Janoodle

"Under the Sea" Janoodle

"Wooly Worm" Janoodle

"Mountain Scenery" Janoodle

Thanks for stopping by... Until next time, Ciao!!

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  1. Winter is different here in drought ridden California. Winter is my second favorite season. (But sheesh, I don't have to do all the stuff that you have to do to get out!)

    Your art is amazeballs lady! It's unique and I can tell that it's yours just by looking at it. My fave, of course is the one with the fish in it. :) keep on art'in!