Friday, December 12, 2014

Star light, star bright... let your creativity shine tonight!

We Three Kings of Orient are... Bearing gifts we traverse afar... Field and fountain, moor and mountain... Following yonder star... O Star of wonder, star of night... Star of royal beauty bright... Westward leading, still proceeding... Guide us to thy Perfect Light!!

Just a quickie Show & Tell Sing-a-long... Today we are featuring the ever popular "Star"... What would our Christmas Trees be without them? Although stars can be made from just about any material you choose to work with, I have chosen to use paper! Your choice of paper and white glue along with the crafter's best friend, a pair of scissors, are all that you will need to create these wonderful holiday icons!!

Below is a version of the lacey looking Swedish or Polish Stars... it is made with 12 strips of paper ( 1/4" X 7" )... each side is made up of 6 woven strips then each side is attached together to create the star's points. I think that you can see how to easily construct it by looking at the completed star in the picture below! If further instruction is desired, you can find several versions with detailed instructions by searching "Swedish or Polish Stars" on the internet.

This star was made from cardstock -  any medium weight paper can easily be used

Below:  This featured Star is a polyhedra - a 3-D geometrical figure.  It's hard to see in this pic but it is approx. 5" X 5" X 1 1/2"(thick). There is a wonderful website  - -  it features 100's of polyhedra models & downloadable templates that are available for free. If you like an occasional creative challenge, I think this website will give you just what you're looking for! To be honest, the star is relatively easy compared to some of the other models. 
I do have a few others in the works that have me a little stumped & frustrated... No, I will not give up (I just need to step back & regroup)!!

Made from gold glittered scrapbook paper - 12"X12" sheet makes 2 Stars

Thanks for stopping by... until next time, Blessings to you all!!


  1. Very kewl! I think the first one would easily stump me! LOL!

  2. clicked the link .... wow! so many, how did you choose?!?!