Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dress your Holiday Trees with a touch of whimsy!

Dashing through the snow... In a one horse open sleigh... O'er the fields we go... Laughing all the way... ha ha ha ha ha... now everybody sing!!

Surprise...Our Show & Tell Sing-a-long continues with the Christmas theme ( just a heads up, you can probably assume this will be the case until Santa shows his jolly little face in the neighborhood! ) The ornament ideas that are being featured today were made out of porcelain clay but you can also use polymer clay or paper pulp. I have used all of these and received excellent results as well as some wonderful differences unique to each medium.

Below: These ornaments were made from porcelain slabs being pressed into mini tart molds (approx. 2" to 3") with added coil embellishments. After the 1st firing, the bisque pieces were airbrushed with underglazes and fired for the final time. Each ornament is actually 2 separate pieces that have been attached back to back with adhesive. They are hung by a ribbon tied around the center seam.

Whimsical Holiday Ornaments - Porcelain w/ underglazes

This is an example of my "Hedouni" ornaments - made in sets of six.

Bells on bob tails ring... Making spirits bright... What fun it is to laugh & sing... A sleighing song tonight... Oh, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells... Jingle all the way... Oh, what fun it is to ride... In a one horse open sleigh!

Hope you'll stop by for our next Christmas Show & Tell Sing-a-long!!
Until then, Blessings to All!!


  1. The possibilities are endless! What a great idea to use the tart tins! Your ornaments are gorgeous and would add a bright splash of unexpected color to the tree! And your Hedouni ornament is wonderful!

  2. Kewl! The possibilities really are endless! It's hard enough to find second hand tart tins...you can just make a bunch of them! Beautiful work!

  3. Brilliant idea! Wonder if it will work with chocolate moulds? Idea added to list!