Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Whatever your mood... there's a shape for you!

After my last post, I decided to continue making Janoodle Cubes using some of my favorite color combinations. After finishing the last one, I thought about cutting out a few more when I became inspired to change it up a bit and try another shape! I really like triangles so I set out to create a "Pyramid" template. Lucky for me, after all of the brainstorming to create the cube, I was still in that "engineering zone" of thinking and it was much easier to come up with my design!

Below is the template that I came up with... it is 2 1/4" at the base of the pyramid, you might remember that the cube was the same size. I used 140# watercolor paper again, two pyramids fit on a 9"X12" sheet. 

Pyramid Template

Flattened Pyramid for mailing  *
* Refer back to the previous post about the "Cube" for instructions on attaching the side seam which will enable you to send your pyramids in a flat envelope! 

Voila! Janoodle Pyramids - I attached a cord through the center for hanging

Both shapes look great together, mix & match for a fun presentation!

Below are a few more Janoodle Cubes in a variety of color combos!

Happy Creating... most important thing, is to have fun!!


  1. These are amazeballs! I will get to this eventually!

  2. Love this idea of 3D cards, another idea added to my list!!