Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tag, you're it!

Just a little Show & Tell for today's post... With the Christmas Season starting to creep it's way upon us, it's inevitable that our art projects begin taking a holiday theme! There's no snow on the ground as yet but the 12 degrees that the thermometer shows and the even colder chill factor from the morning wind definitely has reminded me... 'tis the season to be jolly (bbuuurrrrrrr) !!  So in an effort to stop whining about what I can not change, I decided to just go play & art the day away!!

Today, I decided to create name tags to put on packages. Yes, I do know that at the local $ store there are plenty of tags to purchase with no effort... to all of my fellow artist's out there, you understand that "the fun is the doing!!"

Below, you'll find pics of one style tag that I really have fun doing... the first pic is of blank tags that I made from the back cover of an empty sketch pad, then  covered in the kraft paper from a lunch sack... repurposed & free!!

Blank "Kraft Paper" Tags - approx. 2"x4"

Next... I created these "little angels dolls" on 140# watercolor paper and painted them with Jacquard Dyes & Gel Pens with Ink detailing.

Angel Doll Figures
Next... I attached the Angels to the tags with glue, added some background details and a ribbon tie! The dolls have been positioned on the tag, leaving a space to write the name of the person that the present is for. ( Notice... bottom right corner) 

Finished Christmas Angel Tags

I guarantee that your family & friends will be thrilled to receive your thoughtful and unique Holiday Gift Tags... Let your imagination soar, anything goes! "Tis the season to be CREATIVE!"


  1. OMGorsh! Those are so freak'in adorable! The tag is a gift in it self. :)

  2. ha! ha! love those angels, beautiful.