Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Joy to the "creative" world... got ideas?

Well, As they say "variety is the spice of life" (whoever "they" are?) but I do completely agree. The Christmas theme that I find myself being drawn to is a perfect chance to show off the kind of creative "variety" that can be used this holiday season! No matter what your artistic interests are, I'm sure you can take your favorite medium and come up with unique & fun ways to share your talents with your family & friends... believe me, they will appreciate the obvious time and effort that your artwork reflects!

So, today I have another little Show & Tell that I hope might spark those creative flames into action! I have a close friend that is a wonderful artist that specializes in print making. Her etchings, woodcuts and block prints leave me speechless each and every time I see her latest works, her talent is definitely an inspiration for me. I recently took part in a Block Print Swap on ATC's for All that reminded me of my own creative limitations in this field. Although I found myself frequently frustrated, I did enjoy the challenge, as well as it reinforcing my "awe" of my friend's considerable talent! After a few discarded "blocks", in the end I did manage to create a very simple design that I felt reflected my very best effort for the swap.

"Vino" Block Print
Since then, I have been inspired to create hand carved stamps using the leftover supplies & tools that I gathered for the swap. I came up with a few simple Christmas designs as well as adding words for an additional element that I could use in making ornaments. The style of the ornament is very simple and lends itself perfectly to showcase the printmaking design used. Sometimes it's true, "less is more!"    

Below is a pic showing the supplies used to make the featured ornaments: hand carved original stamps, Speedball brand water soluble block printing ink, cotton muslin fabric, polyfill stuffing (not pictured) & assorted ribbon. 

Viola! Original Hand Stamped Ornaments... "Little Pillows" can be made in any color or shape of your choice!  They are very light weight so they can be hung on any size tree or decoration and the design is on both sides for added exposure.

Below:  Using the same stamps, I decided to carry the look over to creating more gift tags. On these, I used stamp pads instead of block printing ink but you don't have to switch. I printed the designs on white card stock then attached them to leftover pieces of scrapbooking paper that I had made into tag shapes with a ribbon attached. There's plenty of room to write on and sign your name.

Thanks for stopping by... There's more Holiday Projects and creative surprises on the horizon, I hope you will check back to see ... (I'd better get to work!)