Saturday, November 8, 2014

Does your world feel a little flat lately... see what a Cube can do!?

Recently while following a "thread conversation" on the website ATC's for All, an idea that was being shared caught my attention. The object of my interest was examples for making "paper cubes" that could be used to paint or collage on for a 3-dimensional project.  I tried out a few of the suggested ways to construct the cubes but in the end I decided to design my own. My main objective was to create a one piece template that could be mailed flat in an envelope, something that the recipient would not need any tape or glue to put it together, a design where all they would need to do is tuck in the top & bottom flaps to enjoy their art gift! After a few misses, I came up with a hit! The end result was made on a 9"X12" sheet of 140# watercolor paper, the finished cube measures approx. 2 1/4 inches.

Below: pics showing the creative progression of my Janoodle Cubes!
My one piece template - 140# watercolor paper

 Completed Blank Cube 

I chose to decorate it while flat - Jacquard Dye Wash

Next, I "Janoodled" the details w/Ink

At this point you must attach the side seams together. I use two-sided tape but you can use any method that you choose. In the picture below you will see the front & back seam, I always apply the tape to the back tab then place front tab onto it and press firmly. This is the only attached seam there is.

 Attach front seam to back tab - ( I used a blank for you to see better)

Flattened Cube for mailing - place in envelope as is
Recipient just has to open and fold in top & bottom flaps to form Cube!

Janoodle Cube -  to display, I have included a cord for hanging that tucks under the top flap
Hope you enjoyed this project and that you'll give it a try. With the Holiday Season on the horizon, I think these would make wonderfully creative and unique "cards" that can double as an ornament!! Let your imagination loose & have fun!!


  1. OMGorsh! That is freak'in amazeballs! I hope that you can make some kind of template for the rest of us to print out. New swap??

  2. I have to make one impressed .

  3. So many possibilities!