Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Venetian love story from an artist's point of view...

Buon Giorno... well, we've made it to our final installment of My Venetian Adventure ... I hope that I've in some small way succeeded to convey just how awesome this encounter has truly been!  I set out with hopes of having a fulfilling artistic experience and it exceeded my expectations far more than I believed possible. I found myself in a magical wonderland where time had stood still, where the art of mosaic was still revered by all and continues to provide the obvious visual beauty needed to bring to life storytelling for the ages!

Venice has had an extraordinary effect on me since having visited on a previous trip... the minute I stepped out of the train station along the Grande Canal, something touched my heart and has never let up! I have planned this return journey from that very first moment and I feel blessed that no matter how long it took, it has happened!! I didn't think it possible but my love of this magnificent city has deepened beyond belief... dare I dream of returning again?

Below you will find pictures that reflect the "artistry" found in everyday life as you stroll the streets or float the canals of this truly one-of-a-kind city!

Love at first sight - Grande Canal in front of Train Station
Gondolas waiting to be taken out!
Work Boats resting after a busy morning of deliveries!
Dorsoduro Neighborhood - quiet beauty!
"Golden Arches" -Italian Style!
Come on in!
Carnavale - Handmade Ball Masks
Papier Mache Animal Masks
Venetian Ironwork Gate
Moorish Style Balcony
Canaregio Neighborhood Villa

Street Food Italian Style
Yum... simple ingredients, perfect flavor!!
Caprese -  aged balsamic as thick as fudge
Fresh Catch of the Day
What's not to like?
My Favorite - Fegato alla Veneziana - No, I won't tell you what it is!!
Heaven on a plate!!

Thank you for letting me share My Venetian Adventure... Arrividerci!!


  1. Won't tell us what it is?! Now I REALLY wanna know...I'm a judging here....coming from someone who's eaten Jellyfish among other weird thangs......

    1. I wish it was something really exotic but it's just plain ol' ordinary Calves Liver & Onions w/ polenta... I love the stuff but the Veg Heads in my world gag every time I mention it! :)

  2. I want to eat the pictures. I'm a foodie too, but you can keep the liver. :( LOL!

  3. I'm not a big liver fan, but I'd still try it! ...sometimes you would be surprised that you might like an ingredient that you usually don't just depends on how someone prepares it. :)

  4. Fegato was the first meal I ordered in Italy!!
    Like you, I was blown away by that first view coming out of the station - unbelievable.
    this post has brought back such happy memories - thank you.