Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The "Adventure" continues (part 3)

Just a little Show & Tell for today... inside the walls of Orsoni Mosaici...
If it weren't for my love of great food (we all have our weaknesses),  I probably would never have ventured through the gates of this serene and magical place!! The surrounding neighborhood proved to be equally enchanting. Few tourists here...this is where the Venetians live!  

Below is a small sampling of works that represent historical styles for restoration projects that Orsoni has been a part of throughout the world. In the Domus Orsoni B&B, there are exquisite mosaics everywhere... you can imagine, sometimes I just found myself walking the halls to be surrounded by the beauty of them all... there weren't even any do not touch signs, I was in Heaven!!

copyright - Orsoni Mosaici - Venezia

copyright - Orsoni Mosaici - Venezia

copyright -  Orsoni Mosaici -Venezia

Mosaic Floor in Domus Orsoni B&B - copyright - Angelo Orsoni 1903

Even my room number was a mosaic!

Below are pictures inside the Orsoni Courtyard... 
it felt like my own personal secret garden lost in time!

Mosaic Pillar in courtyard at Studio entrance

View from my window - loved having a feline neighbor!
Ceramic melting pots for the glass - some have been used over 100 years
I think they are works of art just as they are...fabulous color!!
Orsoni Courtyard Door - you almost forget that there's everyday life on the other side!!
Neighborhood canal entrance to the foundry - green door on left
Palm trees in Venice?! -  for some reason this surprised me!!
Stop by tomorrow for our final look at My Venetian Adventure (part 4)