Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Happy Autumn to All... jump in that pile of leaves, it's still fun!!

My favorite time of year...I love October & I love Autumn!!

Just checking in to say, "I'm back from the art free war zone that's commonly referred to as Everyday Life!" Don't get me wrong, a dear friend needed me to care for her before & after surgery and I was happy that I was in the position to do that for her. However, I did unknowingly learn a lot about myself along the way!! Never having been a mother (whoops, Blossom doesn't know that she's adopted) I came to realize that I don't have those natural comforting instincts that would have undoubtedly come in handy!! Thinking back, I never wanted to play nurse or doctor as a child, I wanted to be left alone with my crayons and paper... sooooo, the writing was on the wall... I'm not the best choice for a "caregiver"!! I'm not sure if I rose to the occasion but I do know that I managed to stretch myself far more than I ever thought possible. In spite of a very rocky beginning and some bouts of frustration from time to time, my friend has managed to heal nicely and today she happily boarded a plane for her home in Mexico!!

Speaking of planes...  only 2 days until I'm off on my much anticipated journey to Venice!! I do plan to make a few posts to my blog while I'm there. I'll only have my tablet with me so photos will be limited until my return home, at that time I will undoubtedly have many stories to tell. (Just thought I'd warn you!!) I am so ready to be creative... after this "art" hiatus that I've been on, it's going to be beyond wonderful to attend the mosaic workshop!!

Just thought I'd leave you with a couple of my favorite photos from a previous time in Venice to get things started... have a great day, Ciao!

Below:  I love the small canals that create the labyrinth to Venice's hidden treasures!
Also note the small sculpted faces at the top of the photo...that is the bottom section 
of the Bridge of Sighs!!  That's what I love about Italy, everywhere you turn there's ART!!!

Below:  This sculpture was one of my favorites...such intricate details in the metalwork 
and the 3 umbrellas are made from wonderful Venetian glass... duh, of course they are!!


  1. Your friend is lucky to have you. We often push our limits were loved ones are concerned. :)

    Why Venice? Do you have family there. ....or is it because of the obvious....It's a gorgeous place to visit!

    1. This trip is all about the mosaic workshop!! It's definitely a plus that it's in Venice because I fell in love with this magical city on first sight! (No family in Venice... My Grandmother was from a small village in the south called Faeto.)

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