Monday, August 25, 2014

Think of the possibilities... in 3-D

If you have visited my Blog before, one thing has become quite apparent... Yes, I am guilty... I love ART... Art in all mediums, styles, shapes and sizes... I won't deny it or apologize for it!! 

At the top of my very long list is "3-Dimensional Art". It seemed like an obvious transition for me to take my continuing desire to doodle a step farther... off of a flat surface and onto something with substance and form!! I had been introduced to a fellow artist that was creating artwork on gourds and I immediately saw the possibilities for using them myself. Our styles and choice of mediums were very different, so she gave her blessing to my exploration into using gourds as a "canvas" for my work!! Gourds come in all shapes and sizes, each one lends itself  to creating unique works of art! My illustrations were created using only black archival ink and the natural color of the gourd.  I started out doodling my usual abstract designs but soon transitioned into custom themes at customers requests. Birds, Wildlife, Floral, Woman, Ocean Life... you name it, I did it! I have never been very comfortable doing custom work (although, very lucrative). I much prefer doing "my own thing", the fun factor of my artwork just wasn't there any longer. After about 6 years, I made the decision to go on hiatus from doing gourds on a full time basis. Now, on occasion, I do become inspired to create on a gourd, but not for any other reason than... just plain fun!!

Below are just a few samples of my Illustrated Gourds. 
(Please forgive the photos, I have never mastered 
photographing surfaces that are so glossy!)

  Abstract Design - view 1
  Abstract Design - view 2

Underwater Crab
Sun & Moon


  1. These are so amazing! I love that the natural part is one of the colors...... I go bonkers for the first one and the one with the crab on it!!

    1. Soooo glad you like my gourds...the first one is about the size of a soccer ball, it's hard to tell in the little pics!!
      Thank you for taking the time to comment & stopping by to visit!!

  2. Your gourds are gorgeous! I too like that you leave the gourds natural colored under the black ink. How do you get them so shiny? illustrated gourd mailed 'naked' would really get the postal system abuzz in a good way!

  3. These are wonderful! I'm a 'tangler', but I haven't tried gourds....yet. You've got me thinkin' about it, though:)